Aug 30, 2019 - Timothy Telleen-Lawton

CFAR Newsletter (August 2019)

Hello from CFAR! Read on to learn about our busy summer, as well as what we’ve got planned for the fall. What We Did Instructor Training We’ve completed the first phase of our 2019 Instructor Training Program! We’re now moving on to the second (and final) phase with 20 instructor candidates. Staff will be working with these candidates as they continue various “quests”—mastering and improving core parts of CFAR’s curriculum,...

May 30, 2019 - Timothy Telleen-Lawton

CFAR Newsletter (May 2019)

Hello from CFAR! It’s springtime in Berkeley and we’re gearing up for a busy summer. Here’s a look at what we did during the past few months and what we’re planning for the next few. What We Did Alumni Double Crux Workshop In January, a few staff members joined Eli Tyre in Bodega Bay as he led an experimental alumni workshop on the Double Crux technique. We invited a dozen...

Mar 21, 2019 - Timothy Telleen-Lawton

CFAR's Mistakes Regarding Brent

This document is a follow-up to the public statements we made in September and November. Last September there were multiple public allegations that Brent caused grave harm to members of our community. We consider these allegations credible: we believe that Brent routinely manipulated those around him, and that he physically, sexually, and emotionally abused at least two of his partners. Until these abuse allegations were made public, most of our...

Jan 22, 2019 - Timothy Telleen-Lawton

CFAR Newsletter (January 2019)

Happy New Year! With 2019 under way, we’d like to share some updates from the past few months and plans for the coming year. Updates Harm in the Community Last year, allegations of serious harm were brought against an alumnus and community member. Since then, CFAR has been focused on understanding what happened, what mistakes we made in this case, and how we can reduce the risks of a range...

Nov 23, 2018 - Timothy Telleen-Lawton

Further Updates

[Since this post we have also posted a more detailed follow-up.] This statement is a short update to the public apology we made in September. Since then, we have taken the following additional actions: We have decided to permanently ban Brent from all CFAR events and spaces. After learning more about people’s experiences with Brent, and re-examining our own history with him, we have concluded that he poses significant danger...

Sep 21, 2018 - Timothy Telleen-Lawton

ACDC Update and Apology

[Since this post we have also posted a short and a more detailed follow-up.] We were horrified to learn of the serious allegations of repeated consent-violation and lasting harm detailed in three Medium posts. [Persephone, T, and Jonathan] Today, we have taken the following actions: Brent is banned from all CFAR activities and spaces until the original ACDC recommendation—which suggested a ban was unnecessary—can be revisited by an improved due...