CFAR Staff


Timothy Telleen-Lawton

Executive Director

Timothy spent 4 years in research, operations, and management at GiveWell. He also lobbied for Environment America, wrote policy reports for Frontier Group, and ran political campaign offices. He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Earth Systems from Stanford.

Anna Salamon

President & Cofounder

Anna has previously done machine learning research for NASA and applied mathematics research on the statistics of phage metagenomics. She holds a degree in mathematics from UC Santa Barbara.

Jack Carroll

Director of Operations

Jack studied psychology and gender and has previously worked as an event planner, data researcher, and legal assistant. They enjoy gaming, spreadsheets, and deep discussions on the intersection of culture and identity.

Dan Keys

Research & Data Analysis

Dan has researched the psychology of judgment and decision making and published a paper on the science of human rationality. He holds a master’s degree in social psychology from Cornell and a BA in mathematics and statistics from Swarthmore.

Elizabeth Garrett

Community Manager & Instructor

Elizabeth is an aspiring dicentenarian, former unschooler, and the current Chief of the awesome Event Horizon house in Berkeley.

Adam Scholl

Instructor & Special Projects

Adam has previously worked in politics, journalism and startups. He aspires to live in Star Wars and loves slime mold, ctenophores, weird timbres, metaethics, working memory optimization, David Attenborough, logical empiricism, swarms, sensible incentive structures and weddell seals.


Eli Tyre

Research & Special Projects

Eli's deeply committed to making the world better, in whatever way he can. His current focus is developing frameworks for bridging deep intractable-seeming disagreements and for transferring tacit knowledge between people. He's also been thinking about the history of science and bridgings between phenomenology and neuroscience.

Pete Michaud

Facilitator & Executive Director Emeritus

Pete worked as a software architect and consultant before getting serious about developmental psychology. He cofounded an emotional intelligence and communication training organization, and he joined CFAR after helping on several projects including EA Global and EA Action.

Lyra Sancetta

IT Support

Lyra was a mechanical engineer before starting at CFAR. Xi enjoys learning new things, like who people are and what they think about and rock climbing (xer favorite game).

Staff Alumni

Julia Galef

President & Cofounder

Michael "Valentine" Smith

Senior Instructor & Cofounder

Andrew Critch

Curriculum Developer & Cofounder

Kenzi Amodei

Curriculum Developer & Head of Operations

Luke Raskopf

Instructor & Operations

Logan Brienne Strohl

Research & Instructor

Kathryn Schmiedicke

Venue Ops

Lauren Lee

Research & Instructor

Davis Kingsley

Operations and Finance

Cat Lavigne

Curriculum Developer & Instructor

Leah Libresco

Curriculum Developer & Instructor

Board of Directors

Anna Salamon


Jesse Liptrap


Michael Blume