[Since this post we have also posted a more detailed follow-up.]

This statement is a short update to the public apology we made in September.

Since then, we have taken the following additional actions:

  1. We have decided to permanently ban Brent from all CFAR events and spaces. After learning more about people’s experiences with Brent, and re-examining our own history with him, we have concluded that he poses significant danger to members of the CFAR community. In particular, we believe he perpetrated both sexual abuse and widespread manipulation. We now consider Brent’s presence an unacceptable risk, and believe we seriously erred in allowing Brent the level of access to CFAR events and spaces that we did previously.

  2. We are tightening our standards for staff and volunteer accountability, ethics, and professionalism, as well as our process for ensuring those standards get met. This includes staff changes, stronger filters and reference checks for staff and volunteers, and restrictions on who can attend CFAR events.

We erred badly here, and we need to make sure we don’t do so again. If you have information or comments on any of the above, please reach out to us (Elizabeth, Tim, or Anna—[first name]@rationality.org). If you’d prefer to share with someone outside CFAR, Julia Wise (Community Liaison at CEA—[Julia.Wise]@centreforeffectivealtruism.org) is happy to receive information (including anonymously) on our behalf.