Dec 16, 2017 - Michael "Valentine" Smith

CFAR 2017 Retrospective

As we approach the end of the year, we’d like to offer everyone a summary of what CFAR has been up to in 2017. Sprint & Instructor Training The first half of the year focused on improving and stress testing our main intro workshops. We ran a “sprint” of five workshops from February through May. This had a couple of main aims: We wanted to see if we could do...

Dec 16, 2017 - Dan Keys

CFAR 2017 Impact Report

Intro CFAR was founded with a two-part vision: to develop and train people in the art of rationality, and to have some of those people then be more likely to work effectively on the world’s most important problems. Last year, we decided to focus especially on our alums’ impact on the problem of AI risk. The question of how well CFAR is succeeding at its mission can be broken down...

Dec 16, 2017 - Pete Michaud

CFAR 2017 Venue Update

We’ve been actively working to acquire a venue for over a year, and are now the closest we’ve ever been to actually having it. We have closed the deal on a venue in Bodega Bay, the Bay Hill Mansion: That means we’ve determined the property is suitable—in terms of cost, zoning, permitting, and structure—for us to run essentially all of our programs, and we’ve finished negotiating with the current owners...

Jul 18, 2017 - Pete Michaud

Second Quarter CFAR Newsletter

(Cross posted from our alumni mailing list) Hello again! The second quarter of 2017 has come and gone, so it’s time for an update about what CFAR has been up to and what we’re planning.  If you missed our newsletter last quarter, here’s a link to catch up! What We Did Finished Workshop Sprint - We finished the last 2 workshops of our 5 workshop sprint! From February through early May we...

Apr 11, 2017 - Pete Michaud

First Quarter CFAR Newsletter

(Cross posted from our alumni mailing list) Hey everyone! 2017 has been a busy year for CFAR so far, I’d like to tell you some of what we’ve been up to, and some of the plans we have for the rest of the year. Accomplishments Instructor Pipeline - Last year Duncan Sabien took on the substantial project of creating a system to train a growing number of new, fully-qualified CFAR...

Nov 28, 2016 - Duncan Sabien

Double Crux — A Strategy for Resolving Disagreement

(Cross posted to LessWrong) Preamble Double crux is one of CFAR’s newer concepts, and one that’s forced a re-examination and refactoring of a lot of our curriculum (in the same way that the introduction of TAPs and Inner Simulator did previously).  It rapidly became a part of our organizational social fabric, and is one of our highest-EV threads for outreach and dissemination, so it’s long overdue for a public, formal...