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Donating helps us develop new ways to reach people with our rationality training, and teach for free at programs like the Effective Altruism Summit and our Summer Program on Applied Rationality and Cognition for gifted high school students. Your donations can reduce or eliminate our workshop fees for students on altruistic career paths, so our curriculum can directly empower other groups and individuals who are trying to make the world a better place. You can also give CFAR training to individuals or groups working on causes you care about.


We’d love to talk. To chat about our plans, our history, our mission, or where your donations go, you can click below to schedule a call with our Executive Director, Anna Salamon. Our booking app will help you find a time that’s convenient for you:

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“What we should really be pursuing is development of the reasoning strategies that could substantially increase human well-being.”

— Keith Stanovich, Psychologist