Eli Tyre

I’ve spent much of the past few years developing and iterating on methods for resolving deep disagreements and communicating across large differences in worldviews / ontological divides, as well as personal productivity and efficient learning.

I encourage you to book me if you think that talking to me for an hour would be helpful, even if the thing you want doesn’t match any of the following categories. That said, I’m particularly interested in helping with coaching in the following areas.

  • General CFAR-style debugging

  • Usefully doing fermi estimates and quantitative modeling

  • Practical empiricism and setting up personal experiments

  • Internal Double Crux facilitation

  • Conversational skills

    • One-on-one or one-on-two Double Crux coaching

    • Pre-strategy for difficult conversations: we discuss some important but tricky conversation hit your conversational goals with skill, grace, and kindness

You can also hire me for conversational facilitation (in the style of Double Crux or otherwise) or any conversation that you expect would go better with facilitation.

Finally, over the past 5 years I’ve worked with CFAR, BERI, and MIRI. I would be glad to talk with anyone who is trying get oriented on how they might be able to get traction helping with x-risk.

To request a session with Eli:

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The first session with each coach is free—$40/hour thereafter