Workshop Operations Lead

We’re looking to hire a Workshop Operations Lead to run operations at our workshops. The job requires at least half-time, and we would prefer hiring someone full-time if they have the skills and desire to take on other operations responsibilities within the organization.

About CFAR

CFAR is an adult education non-profit working to train effectiveness, discernment, and debiased thinking. We run workshops that help people improve both the quality of their mental tool-kits and their fluency with them, as well as nudging them toward humanity’s most important and under-served problems.

CFAR’s workshops are typically four- or five-day retreats held in rented homes or our permanent venue in Bodega Bay. They involve between 10 and 35 participants and 5 to 15 staff, and include formal instruction (lecture style with easels), whole-group and small-group activities, one-on-one discussion, and evening socializing. We have 2 meals catered each day, plus generous drinks and snacks, and a fully stocked kitchen for participants and staff to prepare their own food. We also provide bedding, towels, and toiletries.


The Workshop Ops Lead ensures that these workshops—which are the primary venue for CFAR’s impact on the world—are able to exist and reach their full potential. The Lead is responsible for preparation done prior to a workshop, overseeing operations during a workshop, and handling the post-workshop clean-up.

Duties outside of workshops include, among other things: setting up catering and ordering food and other supplies, getting logistical information to participants in a timely manner, coordinating payment, and handling in-house inventory and organization. A high degree of independence and reliability are required for this work, as well as a strong customer service orientation.

During workshops, the Lead’s role is to oversee a team of ops volunteers working to maintain a warm and welcoming environment that empowers participants to get the most out of their workshop experience. Duties for the ops team include reordering supplies, laying out snacks, and cleaning up classrooms. The most important facet is optimizing participant experience.


  • Demonstrated experience with operations, organizing professional events, or similar
  • Strong ‘customer service’ orientation for written and in-person interactions
  • Detail-oriented, with a passion for finding efficient and inventive solutions
  • Passion for CFAR’s mission, including rationality for the sake of rationality and for the sake of reducing x-risk
  • Ability to communicate clearly and transparently with other CFAR staff. Ability to give, accept, and incorporate positive and negative feedback
  • Management experience is a plus


  • Based at our office in Berkeley, California
  • Needs authorization to work in the US
  • Full-time or half-time
  • On weeks with workshops, this position requires the willingness to attend workshops (usually midday Wednesday to midday Monday) and stay at the venue for the duration. Weekends missed in this way are generally made up by taking off Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Reports to the Director of Operations


  • The full-time position pays $45,000 per year. Salary is negotiable for highly qualified applicants.
  • Benefits include full health care, limitless use of clipper card (public transit), in-office meals, $5k per year discretionary training budget, and opportunities to sit in on CFAR classes from all workshops attended.
  • Part-time work would pay a proportional amount of the salary, but generally not include benefits.

To Apply

Please send cover letter and resume to

CFAR is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity without regard for race, color, national origin, ethnicity, gender, protected veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion. People of color, people with disabilities, women, and LGBTQ candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.