Special Programs

AI for Effective Altruists

AI4EA is a program designed to help Effective Altruists understand the superintelligence alignment problem.

CFAR for Machine Learning

CML is an adapted version of our standard 4-day CFAR workshop, aimed at researchers in the field of machine learning or artificial intelligence. This includes graduate & undergraduate students, postdocs, faculty, and researchers from industry. The workshop will include a 5th "bonus day" for Double Cruxing about long-term AI impacts.

AI Summer Fellows Program

AISFP is a three week summer program designed to increase participants' ability to do technical research into the superintelligence alignment problem.

The intent of the program is to boost participants as far as possible in four skills:

  1. The CFAR “applied rationality” skillset, including both what is taught at our intro workshops, and more advanced material from our alumni workshops.
  2. “Epistemic rationality as applied to the foundations of AI, and other philosophically tricky problems” — i.e., the skillset taught in the core LW Sequences (E.g.: reductionism; how to reason in contexts as confusing as anthropics without getting lost in words).
  3. The long-term impacts of AI, and strategies for intervening (e.g., the content discussed in Nick Bostrom’s book Superintelligence).
  4. The basics of AI safety-relevant technical research (Decision theory, anthropics, and similar; with folks trying their hand at doing actual research, and reflecting also on the cognitive habits involved).