SPARC is a week-long summer camp introducing exceptional high school students to the mathematics necessary to describe intelligent decision-making by both humans and computers. For instance, how do computers play chess? How does your phone correctly detect faces in an image? Can we model human decision-making, and once we do that, can we figure out how to make it better? It turns out that all of these questions can be answered starting from a single powerful mathematical framework, and the same math can be used to identify genetic factors of diseases, improve the quality of digital communications, and model the meanings of words.

This material is usually taught at the graduate or advanced undergraduate level, but we’ve worked hard to present the most exciting parts in two weeks at a level accessible to talented high school students. At SPARC, you’ll interact with other top high school students, come into contact with an impressive array of instructors, learn some cool math, and get a lot of practice with practical decision-making strategies (e.g. how to choose a summer job or what classes to take, or how to get more done in less time). And, by the time you leave, you’ll have learned what many of us consider to be the most useful math that we know.