November 16-18: Rationality for Entrepreneurs


The Center for Applied Rationality is an evidence-based nonprofit founded to give people more understanding and control of their own decision-making. The techniques we teach are inspired by models of reasoning from probability and decision theory, combined with cognitive science research on how human brains actually reason and how we can train ourselves to improve. We at CFAR turn those mathematical and empirical insights into everyday skills — like how to make accurate predictions, how to avoid self-deception, and how to get your motivation where your arithmetic says it should be.


Join us this November 16-18 for an immersive rationality workshop at the beautiful Presentation Center in the San Francisco Bay Area, where we’ll be teaching these ideas to a select group of entrepreneurs. We’ll also explain the science behind our techniques, and lead you through exercises to make sure that you can actually apply those techniques in real life, not just understand them intellectually. See the full workshop schedule.

“Rationality training has given me more mental clarity than I knew it was possible to have.”

— Liron Shapira, Co-founder/CTO of Quixey


Gain powerful insights into…


  • What ideal decision-making looks like: when to trust your gut, and when to trust your head.
  • How to learn about your own motivations and goals using principled thought experiments.
  • How to make more accurate everyday predictions using Bayes’ Rule, a simple but powerful intuitive tool from probability theory.
  • The science behind stress reactions, and how to make it easier to ask VCs for investments, customers for money, and your employees to go for equity.

… And much more. See the full workshop schedule.


Total cost of attendance (including lessons, lodging, meals, and six weeks of follow-up) is $3,900 USD. And if you conclude the benefits to your happiness and effectiveness don’t recoup the investment, we’ll refund your money.


Questions? Click here to email CFAR’s Executive Director Anna Salamon, or call her Skype name, AnnaAtCFAR.


Applications are now closed.


“It was packed full of thinking tools I’ve been explicitly applying in my business and personal life since the camp finished.”

— Matt Fallshaw, Founder of Trike Apps


Some relevant numbers…


  • 9.2 average response, from past participants, to the question “0 to 10, are you glad you came?”
  • 72 hours of full immersion in the style of Foo camp
  • 24 other technical entrepreneurs learning with you
  • 8 instructors available before and after class to discuss applying the material in your life
  • 6 weeks of followup: one-on-one email, phone calls, and weekly group Skype lessons to integrate your new skills.

“I’m thrilled to see an organization that teaches entrepreneurs about the many thinking errors that can kill your business. The CFAR retreat I attended was packed with useful information that I still reflect on regularly.”

— Spencer Greenberg, Co-founder/CEO of Rebellion Research


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