CFAR Instructors


Anna Salamon

Duncan Sabien

Val Smith

Dan Keys

Lauren Lee


Adam Scholl

Adam has previously worked in politics, journalism and startups, and currently works for the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute. He aspires to live in Star Wars and loves slime mold, ctenophores, weird timbres, metaethics, working memory optimization, David Attenborough, logical empiricism, swarms, sensible incentive structures and weddell seals.

Ben Goldhaber

Ben received his Bachelor's in Science, Technology, and International Affairs from Georgetown University. He currently works at Google as a Technical Solutions Consultant. In his free time he enjoys brainstorming what the worst startup idea of all time would be.

Eli Tyre

Eli is a mostly-independent researcher doing work on psychology and rationality. He has formerly worked as as a clinical hypnotherapist, and has a background in "great books" and classic philosophy. He’s currently focusing on correcting his longstanding lack of mathematical and programming skill. He wants to make the world better and help the people around them become stronger.

Elizabeth Garrett

Elizabeth is an aspiring dicentenarian, former unschooler, and the current Chief of the awesome Event Horizon house in Berkeley.

Eric Rogstad

Eric likes math puzzles, racquet sports, and people. He spends his days making His quest is to understand the Universe, and he's surprisingly capable of juggling.

Jordan Tirrell

Jordan counts things. He also works as a math instructor and is interested in developing higher education classes to promote rationality.

Matt Graves

Matt worked as a data scientist in industry before becoming a staff writer for MIRI. His interests are in machine learning, efficiency, rationality, and the future. He has degrees in operations research, physics, and economics.

Oliver Habryka

Oliver is a German expat studying computer science, math and whatever else currently comes into his mind. He once tricked his high-school into allowing him to teach a class on rationality for two years, and is now living in Berkeley working on world optimization schemes involving rationality, Effective Altruism and figuring out how to build communities that will effectively solve the world's most important challenges.

Qiaochu Yuan

Qiaochu is a Ph.D. student in mathematics at UC Berkeley on an NSF fellowship with an extensive background in category theory, algebraic topology, and related subjects. He has written thousands of answers to other people's questions about mathematics on Quora, MathOverflow, and math.stackexchange, and is currently in the process of learning about machine learning.

Steph Zolayvar

Steph is a web developer with experience at Google and She likes fire, adventures, dogs, and interesting road maps of human cognition. She's currently looking for levers she can use to nudge the universe in the right direction.

Timothy Telleen-Lawton

Tim enjoys empowering people, playing games, imagining possible futures, and being silly. He's currently taking a sabbatical to have fun with all of the above full time. He recently finished a four year stint at GiveWell and the Open Philanthropy Project helping the organizations grow and find the most beneficial uses for money.

Tsvi Benson-Tilsen

Tsvi Benson-Tilsen studies mathematics at UC Berkeley and researches how to design safe artificial intelligence systems at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. He knows many riddles and can sometimes be found jumping, climbing, and/or wandering.


Kenzi Amodei

Andrew Critch

Leah Libresco