Pete Michaud

Executive Director (Acting)

Pete worked as a software architect and consultant before getting serious about developmental psychology. He cofounded an emotional intelligence and communication training organization, and he joined CFAR after helping on several projects including EA Global and EA Action.

Anna Salamon

President & Cofounder

Anna has previously done machine learning research for NASA and applied mathematics research on the statistics of phage metagenomics. She holds a degree in mathematics from UC Santa Barbara.

Michael "Valentine" Smith

Research & Cofounder

Michael holds a joint Ph.D. in mathematics and science education from UC San Diego and San Diego State University. He has extensive experience with teaching and curriculum design in academics, martial arts, and now, rationality workshops.

Duncan Sabien

Curriculum Director & Product Head

Duncan is a writer, filmmaker, and educator, whose previous work included developing and teaching a special projects class for building rationality and agency in middle schoolers.

Dan Keys

Research & Data Analysis

Dan has researched the psychology of judgment and decision making and published a paper on the science of human rationality. He holds a master’s degree in social psychology from Cornell and a BA in mathematics and statistics from Swarthmore.

Jack Carroll

Operations Manager

This Jack of all trades coordinates logistics, ensuring that CFAR’s workshops meet and exceed participants’ expectations. He draws on his background in psychology and event planning to do this.

Lauren Lee

Research & Instructor

Before CFAR, Lauren worked as an iOS Developer, organized the Seattle rationality community, studied biology at Caltech, and competed on the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour.

Staff Alumni

Morgan Davis

Operations Head

Kenzi Amodei

Curriculum Developer & Head of Operations

Julia Galef

President & Cofounder

Davis Kingsley


Andrew Critch

Curriculum Developer & Cofounder

Cat Lavigne

Curriculum Developer & Instructor

Leah Libresco

Curriculum Developer & Instructor


Ben Sancetta

IT Support

Eli Tyre

Research & Special Projects

Oliver Habryka

Design & Branding

Michael Keenan

IT Support

Board of Directors

Anna Salamon


Jesse Liptrap


Michael Blume