Rationality is hitting the road!

Rationality is hitting the road!


 After our first out of town tryout in Salt Lake City, Utah, we’d like your feedback to figure out where we should send out travelling one-day workshop next.

As a data-loving organization, we need you to fill out this survey, so we know which metropolitan areas have high levels of interest. It’s a lot simpler for us to travel within the United States, but please do fill out the form if you’re located abroad, so we have more information about demand and feasibility.

We’ve compressed our curriculum into a one-day workshop, so we can drop in to metropolitan areas across the country (and maybe the world) to offer you affordable training in habits and heuristics that will keep you from being bamboozled by your brain.

So take your chance to influence our itinerary.


  1. Michael "Optimizer" H.
  2. Joe
  3. Benjamin Helgert
  4. Chetan Tonde
  5. Brett Hoffstadt
  6. Callum
  7. Kenneth Bruskiewicz

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