This past week, CFAR just celebrated the one year anniversary of our weekend workshops. Our four-day May workshop was partially staffed by volunteers who were alumni of our May 2012 applied rationality workshop.

As we grow and learn, we want to experiment to see what formats help participants start making changes and improvements after four days of training and practice. How can we best give people the tools to keep bootstrapping their own rationality? What hurdles and obstacles can we remove?

Our upcoming July workshop (applications still accepted) will be in our usual four day mold, but, this summer, we also want to experiment with different formats. If you only had one day of exposure to our materials, which information is the most important? Which practices are the easiest to implement? Should we group classes into narrower themes, and encourage people to attend several one-day workshops?

To help us work out the answers to these questions, on June 1st, we’ll be running a one-day workshop in Berkeley, CA. This is a beta test, so we’re looking for attendees who are excited to engage with the material and who will give us feedback and ask questions.

The cost of the one-day workshop will be $50, and we are accepting applications here. This is not a residential workshop, so attendees will need to live in the Bay Area or secure housing themselves. Please send in applications by Monday May 27. We will notify everyone by Wednesday, May 29.

If you have any other questions, please email:

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